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Automation & Analytics

Notre proposition de valeur pour le sous-domaine «Automation & Analytics» :

Boosting your sales was never easier than with Buddy! 

Buddy for sales & marketing is an easy to connect/pugin AI-solution in the cloud. 

Buddy helps you intelligently to:

1. Keep you customers

2. Sell more to existing customers 

3. Identify new prospects, look-a-likes of your best customers

Developed with and for different end users. E.g. simple, action driven screens for sales reps (or API to integrate within your CRM) 

Customer Segmentation & Retention Buddy

Focus on customer which may not leave or on those having more potential.  

Customer Cross-sell Buddy

Identifies ideal prospects for a product, or ideal cross-sells for a customer.

Prospect Scoring Buddy

Finds look-a-likes vof your best customers.


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